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Standard Dealing - CMS Version

Standard Dealings CMS - Other Processes

Quick Guide for Standard Dealings on CMS

Standard Dealing - Paper process

Complex Dealing

Notices of Potential Liability for Costs - User Guide

Conversion of Tenant's Right to Ownership under the Long Leases (Scotland) Act 2012 - DW Settle

Corrective Disposition

 First Registrations


FR Intake and Closing Notes

FR Plans Ident and PI

FR Plans - RA

FR Plans - Non RA

FR Legal - RA

FR Legal - Non RA

Rejections Process for FRs

 Transfers of Part


TP Intake

TP Plans - Manual PI

TP Plans - Cat A

TP Plans - Cat B

TP Plans - First Removal

TP Plans - Tenement First Removal

TP Legal Instructional

TP Legal - Non Instructional

TP Legal - First Removal

TP Legal - Tenement First Removal

TP Legal - Tenement Non Instructional

TP Legal - Parent Title Update

TP Support - Tenement Guidance

 Keeper-induced Registration
 Other Processes


Advance Notices (AN)

Amalgamations, Absorptions & "Add to" Applications (FA/TA/VA)

Cancelling a Registered Title Sheet

Caveat Processes

CMS Resources

Creating an Application on the LRS

Departmental Split of Cadastral Unit

Digital Data for Voluntary Registration

Digital Discharge Service

eFin - eFinancials

Expedite Requests

Joint Recording in Books of Council and Session

Joint Recording or Dual Registration in Sasines

Multiple Title Applications

Post Registration Enquiries

Rectification of an Inaccuracy in a Title Sheet


Shared and Sharing Plots

 Further Guidance

Complex Dealings

Intake and Application Forms



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Auto Import Function

Burgh Registers

Categorisation of Casework

Composition of The Land Register

Conversion Tables

Creditor Codes

Example Deeds


General Search Sheets


Hints and Tips

Indexing Guidelines


LRS Quick Reference - codes and abbreviations

LRS User Guide

Mapbase Maintenance

Mapping Tools

Ordnance Survey

Particular Registers of Sasines


Registration Counties

Rejection - Common Rejection Reasons and Conditions

Scanning Deeds Using ABBYY FineReader

Timeline of Property Records in Scotland

Recent Updates

Not all registration manual updates are listed. The registration manual is constantly being updated to correct minor issues such as typos or broken links. If a page has been updated without being listed here, you can assume that the update was very minor.

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